Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs


Natural flea treatment for dog begins not in searching for the strongest yet natural flea killer. This only looks to address the effects of the problems. Rather, the ebst means to solve the problem is to know and look for the cause of it. No veterinarian understands the causation of the disease, let alone the cause of the fleas. They were not trained to look for the causes since this does not create any marketing sense. Once you are able to appreciate that vet schools are hugely funded by companies that have vested interest in the results, then your vision begins to clear.

Without a doubt, there are a lot of remarkable vets who do their very best in order to know what causes the diseases as well as the ailments of the animals. On the other hand, sadly, there are only few of them, rather, must like the same with the rest of the world, profit is definitely the root of the firm funding of the vet schools. On the other hand, it is done in a clever means, in order to convince most of the students.

And once the cause is addressed, the problem is then eventually solved. No profit can be created from such silly methods. As a result, you are kept in wonderful ignorance, shelling out for evermore dangerous and toxic and not to say, flea products for cats. But then again, the one who is going to suffer is your dog. I wonder the population of dogs that need to suffer before the humanity will return to their sanity.

The fleas are a typical finding in an animal that has a fur. There is a great reason for this. It is because that the skin is the first and mostly preferred organ of the body from which to exterminate unwanted substances or toxins. Yet, the kidneys have a vital role in this too, but then again, the skin takes up the loose. Fleas tend to scavenge in these substances. They will feed on them. And any insects that crawls over the skin is definitely doing the same thing. As a result, they are doing their host a remarkable service. It is just similar to the birds who will pick off ticks from the grazing wildlife. This denotes that a couple of fleas are natural and normal. What is not natural and normal is a flea epidemic or the hyperreaction f the dogs to the,.


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