Steps of Treating Fleas on Cats and Dogs



Dogs and cats are pets that people want to keep close to themselves. To some of the people, dogs and cats are favorite companions they cannot do without. Making your pet love you does not come naturally. You must show care, tenderness and love to receive fondness in return. Therefore, taking care of your pet demands a lot of sacrifice. Sometimes, your pet may be infested with fleas. These types of pests make dogs and cats uncomfortable. You want your pet active and jovial all the time. To achieve this, you will need to get rid of the fleas. This article will take you through steps of eliminating fleas from your dog or cat.


The first step is by use of sprays. In this step, you will be required to visit a manufacturer that sells sprays that eliminates fleas. Ensure that you get in touch with a reliable dealer. The spray package should contain an instruction manual that outlines the step of spraying your dog or cat. Follow the steps keenly. Remember to ask how often you should spray your pet from the manufacturer. Keep in mind that spraying of dogs and cats should occur in open areas where there is enough ventilation.


The next step involves the use of shampoos. On most cases, shampoos contain a special ingredient referred to as pyrethrins. To be able to shampoo your pet well, you will be required to follow the right procedure. The effectiveness of cats and dogs shampoo will be depended on how well you apply it on the body of your pet. Take your time and apply on the whole body of your dog or cat. Leave the shampoo for about ten minutes and then rinse off the shampoo. Make sure that you buy the appropriate shampoo for your pet to prevent any possible irritations.


The next step involves use of flea treatment for cats products. This step is very efficient to both fleas found in dogs and cats. Ordinarily, oral products come in form of tablets. You should note that, whenever your pet is exposed to environments that are likely to be infested with fleas, administering oral products gives you an assurance that they will not be attacked by fleas.


Last but not least, combing the hair of your pet gives it a relaxing feeling. This is also a way of getting rid of pests. A feeling of fondness between you and your pet also tends to develop every time you comb your dog or cat, click here to get started!


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